domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

location of the wayuu tribe

The Wayuu are a pastoral tribe living on the Guajira Peninsula, on the north coast of Colombia and Venezuela where they live without taking into account the frontier between the two countries. Their territory extends over approximately 15,300 km2, of which 12,000 km2 are in Colombia in the Department of the Guajira and 3,380 km2 are in the state of Zulia in Venezuela.
Their territory is hot, dry and inhospitable; the rains are scanty and badly distributed. Merciless sunlight, constant winds and very high evaporation rate are distinctive factors of the Guajira – in short, all the characteristics of a desert. Human health, agriculture and animal husbandry all suffer from the lack of available water, and as a result the people have few options available for their own livelihoods.

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